There was no SVG file in the zip folder? All my designs have an SVG file
included. The SVG sometimes adopts the browser icon from the moment it is
downloaded as (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Chrome HTML); This
change is due to the installation of extensions of the main browser. But do not
worry everything works fine, no problems.

Load the SVG file with the browser icon in your
software as you normally would, it should work fine. You can also identify the
SVG by the file name, which ends in .svg. If you still can’t access it, please
contact me and I will email it to you.

How are bundles
Our bundles listed are for the digital files of
your instant download after your purchase. No physical products would be

How do I download files? You will be directed to your account immediately after purchase, where
you can download your files from the download link in the menu on the left. On
the download page, the download button. Click there and the download will begin.

You will also receive an email receipt from us
with the download link within the email. If you haven’t received this email,
please check your spam / junk folder as they occasionally end up there.

How to unzip files? When you download a file, it will
come in .zip format. You will have to unzip it. In the unzipped file, you will
find three formats: SVG, DXF and PNG.

PC: Right click the zip file and click “Unzip”
or “Extract” (depending on your computer)

MAC: Just double click on the zip file and it will

iPhone: Download the ‘iZip’ app from the App Store. Unzip
the file using the application. Import it into the software application.

Android: select the file and click ‘Extract’. Import
the software application and use it.

You will receive an email with download links for
your digital purchase.

There will also be a download link on your order
confirmation page directly after payment.

Why is my
download not working?
 To do your download it is best to
use the Google Chrome browser and not Microsoft Explorer. You need to
right-click on each folder and select download. Once your download is ready you
will get a message to “LEAVE”. Please click on the “LEAVE” button to download
all the files directly to your desktop.

How can I find
the images in the folder?
 To find the images you are looking
for please click on the “View” tab on top and select “Large icons”. You will
then be able to see all of the PNG images and the related SVG images are right
next to it or have the same description.

much is the shipping?
All items
for sale on this website are digital. No physical items will be shipped to you.
You will be able to download your digital file purchase once your payment has
been made and cleared.


Can I
sell your designs on physical items that I sell in my own store?
Yes absolutely! You can use layouts on up to 500
physical items per layout. These files cannot be resold, shared or distributed
in any way. Can I sell your designs on on-demand sites or sell in my own store?
No, it is not allowed to resell, share or distribute files in digital format
independently. Reselling on ETSY is not permitted.


not use, upload, or sell these designs on any print-on-demand website such as
Zazzle, Amazon Merch, Teespring, Spreadshirt, or any other drop shipping design
and charge sites.


Do you
offer refunds?
By the very
nature of digital downloads, these files are not “returnable”. As such, we do
not offer refunds or exchanges for any reason. For this reason, we ask that you
take the time to verify that you are purchasing file types that will work with
your machine and for your needs.


Can I
use these files if I don’t have a cutting machine?
Yes absolutely. You can use the PNG file for ironing
on transfers and printing on paper. Set the required print size on your printer
before printing.


What are
the measurements for the Starbucks cups?
need to upload the Starbucks SVGs into your cutting machine and enter the
correct measurements. Below are the different sizes you might need to fit the
SVG designs to the cups.


Venti: The venti cold cup logo is 2.188 in W and 2 in H.

Travel Cup:
The Starbucks hot
travel cup logo is 2.438 W and 2.188 H.

Cold Cup:
The grande cold cup logo is 2.063
W and 1.9 H.

Venti Cold Cup
Size Guide:
If you want to add the circle decal on Venti cold tumblers set the
WIDTH to 3.711 inches and set the HEIGHT to 3.366 inches.

For the full

on the Venti cold cups set the dimensions to 10.919 inches wide and 6.729
inches tall.

The full wrap that surrounds
the circle decal should be set to WIDTH – 10.931 and HEIGHT – 6.75.

Do the bundles
include a commercial license?
 Please note that the original
images can be found on Google. You are paying for the time in creating the cut
lines, preparing the SVG bundles, and providing support. We do not claim
ownership of the vector clipart or graphics, or characters used in files.

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